Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I keep the road open in order to maintain my access to the cabin. Kinda looks like   I-15 don't yah think??

This is 3+ blade widths of the plow.
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Even though I'm as old as dirt, you can't beat sledding for up to 1/2 mile the day after I plow. Walking back takes a little longer than the ride.



This is the primo lot in this section due to the fact that it is bordered on two sides with the BLM (4000' border). Nothing private south and west for miles and miles. This unit has approximately 800' of looped driveway across the creek and around to the cabin site.

The lot line is to the right of the dead tree in the foreground to the left edge of the picture and to the top of the mountain in the rear.

These properties are handled by me, 702 275 3017.

The seasonal creek is a favorite of the grandkids.....

There's just enough water for the kids to get totally wet and muddy.

The guestimated cabin site is adjacent to a new, unused and permitted septic system that I had installed a few years ago.


Winter every year in the mountains! This is a nice time of year for playing in the sun and cooking all day meals. I really enjoy the snow. Quiet days and the PLOW.

The corn binder can do some work with the 92" blade. Remember that there is about 1300 feet of looped driveway to the house.

This is about 200' of one loop through the trees adjacent to the creek. Normally, two cuts with the blade accomplishes this.

The canyon shows its colors nicely in the winter.

Three important accessories come with this retreat, the plow for snow work, the boat for the fish, and the solar array for no cost, everyday power.