Saturday, January 25, 2014

Log Home

The design of log homes involves a number of related criteria. Of primary concern is the settling of new construction and the dimensional changes due to temperature and weather conditions.

This home is designed with no structural combinations in the main building. There is no combination of stick and log construction. The entire home is log including the interior walls and support. Everything then moves together during the settling period and variations in temperature/humidity.

This also adds a pleasing aspect to the interior image (logs everywhere).

An immense amount of hand work is required in all log construction, but that is what it's all about!!

I am handling this listing and also the 31 acre lot nearby.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


These buddies of mine survived the annual "Deer Hunt"


A nice young three point buck.

Very mature three point buck.
All in my driveway.

Click to expand image.

This is Henry, he's kinda a showoff!!

They hide on the property since they know that I am no threat.

I have actually had them standing 50' from me watching the road hunters 200 yards away.

This is truly a wilderness.