Sunday, September 21, 2014

Early Fall in the Mountains

Its the middle of September and Fall is on its way. Cooler now and the days are getting shorter. The insects are frantically working every blossom and pollen source that is available and the squirrels are harvesting pine cones like there is no tommorrow.
The acorn crop seems a little smaller than usual this year and is very close to being ripe. Acorns are a major winter food source for mammals and birds in this area.
The oak is beginning to turn colors at this time of year as the acorns ripen.

The color change of the oak, maples, and quaking aspen is not temperature related but sun angle and length of day.
How do they know that??

The next three weeks will be the brillant maple change, then the oak and the quakes are last in the sequence.

These are small maple sprouts that I transplanted a couple years ago Turning early as they should.     
The fishing was great last week and I put five nice Rainbows in the boat in about 90 minutes. Excellent dinner fish since as the year progresses they gain weight and flavor. The best are taken in October/November when its crisp outside in the morning.  
I have added a personal $5000.00 cash bonus to the agent who succesfully completes an escrow on the cabin listing or the property listing. This is direct to the agent from my right pocket. I think that this may provide a little badly needed  motivation to the agents involved.          

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lets take a ride!

The primo lot in the area is handled by Me and you need to view this for a better perspective. We will start at the County Road access, turning southwest into the property.

This portion of the driveway is about 200' long and heads southwest. The 150' that you can see then curves right to the creek crossing.  

As you turn off the County road and glance to the right, the elevated portion of the property is spectacular. Virtually everything that you see is yours!

When the drive swings to the right, you head across the creek crossing towards the main north/south driveway loop.

The creek is only one of the advantages to this side of the canyon. This is the shady side in the winter and therefore greener than the western exposure slopes. This canyon is 500' deep and at 7,100' elevation

Across the creek, the loop swings to the right, (low) and continues north about 200' to a left hand uphill loop to a proposed cabin site. The looping is important when accessing the property with large trucks and/or trailers.

 Exiting the north loop heads you south past the new permitted septic installation on the left and a nice very large area on the right (acres &acres) for a building site.

The drive continues back down to the creek crossing.

What you see in the distance is BLM and National Forest. NO neighbors ever to the south

From the building area, the view east is a red cliff mountain that will never be developed or changed.

Looking to the north, down the canyon is more red Utah that will not be changed.
This is one of the most secluded parcels available with year round access, seasonal culinary water and lots and lots of room top play.

Monday, February 17, 2014


It doesn't get much better than this!

Both of the properties (the cabin and the 31 acre parcel that are listed by Me are only 3 miles from Red Creek Reservoir.

This reservoir is classified as a Utah Wild Fishery. Even though its an impoundment for irrigation, its never taken low enough to harm the self spawning characteristics of the lake.

That may be me out there fishing.

10 Minutes from the cabin.

Beautiful evening on the lake!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Log Home

The design of log homes involves a number of related criteria. Of primary concern is the settling of new construction and the dimensional changes due to temperature and weather conditions.

This home is designed with no structural combinations in the main building. There is no combination of stick and log construction. The entire home is log including the interior walls and support. Everything then moves together during the settling period and variations in temperature/humidity.

This also adds a pleasing aspect to the interior image (logs everywhere).

An immense amount of hand work is required in all log construction, but that is what it's all about!!

I am handling this listing and also the 31 acre lot nearby.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


These buddies of mine survived the annual "Deer Hunt"


A nice young three point buck.

Very mature three point buck.
All in my driveway.

Click to expand image.

This is Henry, he's kinda a showoff!!

They hide on the property since they know that I am no threat.

I have actually had them standing 50' from me watching the road hunters 200 yards away.

This is truly a wilderness.