Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lets take a ride!

The primo lot in the area is handled by Me and you need to view this for a better perspective. We will start at the County Road access, turning southwest into the property.

This portion of the driveway is about 200' long and heads southwest. The 150' that you can see then curves right to the creek crossing.  

As you turn off the County road and glance to the right, the elevated portion of the property is spectacular. Virtually everything that you see is yours!

When the drive swings to the right, you head across the creek crossing towards the main north/south driveway loop.

The creek is only one of the advantages to this side of the canyon. This is the shady side in the winter and therefore greener than the western exposure slopes. This canyon is 500' deep and at 7,100' elevation

Across the creek, the loop swings to the right, (low) and continues north about 200' to a left hand uphill loop to a proposed cabin site. The looping is important when accessing the property with large trucks and/or trailers.

 Exiting the north loop heads you south past the new permitted septic installation on the left and a nice very large area on the right (acres &acres) for a building site.

The drive continues back down to the creek crossing.

What you see in the distance is BLM and National Forest. NO neighbors ever to the south

From the building area, the view east is a red cliff mountain that will never be developed or changed.

Looking to the north, down the canyon is more red Utah that will not be changed.
This is one of the most secluded parcels available with year round access, seasonal culinary water and lots and lots of room top play.