Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Crack

The front glass was installed 25 years ago by Bud and I. It was 15 degrees and snowing but we got the two center panels installed in one day. 

Early last year the crack started, not bad for 25 years of hot and cold with an occasional bird strike.

The 12" crack showed itself in February and began to grow.

No worries here since the glass was cracked on the outside of the 1/4" laminated safety plate. Lami' will not fall apart (windshield glass).

By July of this year, the crack was about 7' long and growing at about 3" per month. Click on the pictures for more detail.

 An old friend from Vegas and his buddy brought me a new piece of glass and installed it.

This piece of glass is 4ft by 10ft in size. I didn't remember the size being as difficult to handle as it is.

My custom hoist to lift the glass into place (110 lbs) was scoffed at and the three of us just lifted it into place.  

All new trim and the job was done correctly. Remove and Replace in six hours.

Thanks Guys!!!

Friday, May 26, 2017


After a year and one half, fresh trout for dinner!!

The lake is only 20 minutes
to actual fishing in the boat. I've got this down to a science.

We have the five minute fish and the the 20 minute fish. You release the five minute fish to irritate any unseen watchers and the 20 minute goes on the stringer. 

Today was 6 Rainbows in 90 minutes. Three came home for dinner.........

This is the high speed "vintage fishing equipment". A Jeep Cherokee and a 1957 Lonestar 14 1/2' boat.

I bought the Lonestar in about 1983 and it never fails to catch fish!

These accessories go with the cabin if it ever sells. 

                                                If interested please call   702 275 3017 or view here and on Realtor.Com.

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