Sunday, September 21, 2014

Early Fall in the Mountains

Its the middle of September and Fall is on its way. Cooler now and the days are getting shorter. The insects are frantically working every blossom and pollen source that is available and the squirrels are harvesting pine cones like there is no tommorrow.
The acorn crop seems a little smaller than usual this year and is very close to being ripe. Acorns are a major winter food source for mammals and birds in this area.
The oak is beginning to turn colors at this time of year as the acorns ripen.

The color change of the oak, maples, and quaking aspen is not temperature related but sun angle and length of day.
How do they know that??

The next three weeks will be the brillant maple change, then the oak and the quakes are last in the sequence.

These are small maple sprouts that I transplanted a couple years ago Turning early as they should.     
The fishing was great last week and I put five nice Rainbows in the boat in about 90 minutes. Excellent dinner fish since as the year progresses they gain weight and flavor. The best are taken in October/November when its crisp outside in the morning.  
I have added a personal $5000.00 cash bonus to the agent who succesfully completes an escrow on the cabin listing or the property listing. This is direct to the agent from my right pocket. I think that this may provide a little badly needed  motivation to the agents involved.