Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2930 Red Creek Canyon Road, Southern Utah

Fall is in the air, but very warm this year. The maples are turning in the canyon, they change color by time of year and not by temperature as I always assumed.

There are about four miles of maples that are located in areas of underground water.

This is quite the sight every fall and actually lasts about three weeks and then its over.

As the year progresses, the trout fatten up and become more active. Three months under the ice stresses them (and me!!) but the summer months allow a nice recovery.
This is an ample meal and fresh Rainbows are perfect for dinner. I fish the lake into late November. Actually amazing fishing in a snowstorm.
Great fishing 15 minutes from the cabin.

The custom cutting board comes with the cabin!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

2930 Red Creek Canyon Road, Utah

2930 Red Creek Canyon Road, Utah

At the time I decided to place the Cabin up for sale, the finish on the metal roof had begun to fail. These are painted galvanized roofs and do not deteriorate except for the finish.

I had a new roof installed with a 30 year finish warranty. The first one had a 10 year warranty and lasted 18 years. The snow slips so much faster now.
The vistas in the mountains are amazing.........

If you have an interest in this cabin on 26 acres, give me a call and see if it is still available. 702 275 3017

The other acreage is also available from me direct at this time.

June Fishing

This is the 26th of June and a Cicada hatch has been going on at "The Lake" for about 2 weeks. I have never seen this before and its much larger in scope than the grasshopper hatch next month.
I needed fresh trout for dinner so up we go to the lake at about 7:30 AM and its wild. This fish are surface feeding wildly.

In 20 minutes I have dinner.....

And for the next hour, I catch and release nine more of  the same. All on lures so the fish are uninjured. Watching the Cicadas, they last about 60 seconds on the water before they are consumed. It doesn't get much nicer than this!

For some reason my Utah getaway is for sale?? and if you are interested, give me a call  702 275 3017.

2930 Red Creek Canyon Road, Iron County, Utah.
190 minutes from Las Vegas or Salt Lake. 

The 10th of May

On the 8th and 9th, cool and clear in the mountains, then on the 10th we wake up to a late wet snow. its always a surprising and very beautiful morning in the mountains.

It doesn't get any nicer than this!

My cabin is for sale, and evidently if you have an interest, you need to call me personally at 702 275 3017

2930 Red Creek Canyon Road, Iron County, Utah

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Mild Winter

A very mild winter this year, not as much snow as is normal. The County road is well used during a mild winter with the guys ice fishing on the lake above me.

We didn't have to chain up the truck to get to the driveway and the first 300' is downhill to the creek. One can ALWAYS go downhill in the snow, and I was lazy and stopped at the creek.

At this point I fired up the corn binder and cleared the upper loops in order to drive to the house without chains.

With the truck at the house and the heaters on, I can continue to clean and groom the driveway.

With only about a foot on the ground, this only takes about 45 minutes while the heaters are beginning to warm the cabin.

Now ready for a relaxing week in the mountains. 

I'm chomping at the bit cleaning the fishing gear, the ice will melt in 30-45 days and the trout are waiting......