Friday, May 26, 2017


After a year and one half, fresh trout for dinner!!

The lake is only 20 minutes
to actual fishing in the boat. I've got this down to a science.

We have the five minute fish and the the 20 minute fish. You release the five minute fish to irritate any unseen watchers and the 20 minute goes on the stringer. 

Today was 6 Rainbows in 90 minutes. Three came home for dinner.........

This is the high speed "vintage fishing equipment". A Jeep Cherokee and a 1957 Lonestar 14 1/2' boat.

I bought the Lonestar in about 1983 and it never fails to catch fish!

These accessories go with the cabin if it ever sells. 

                                                If interested please call   702 275 3017 or view here and on Realtor.Com.

                                         SEARCH ZIP 84760

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